Our Mission


The Bion Team was born out of a desire to bring happiness and pride to the people around us by showing them, through deeds, a more beautiful and sustainable way of life.Imagine never having to worry about the quality of your personal care products again. That these products contain no animal ingredients, nothing that has been tested on animals or any elements that are harmful to our planet. Products with assured excellence, free of “hidden ingredients,” that are friendly to you and to the environment.

Super absorbent, ultra thin, Silky soft

it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them

Ultra thin

Ultra Thin

Thickness is not an issue anymore.

Super absorbent

Super Absorbent

The most absorbent pads in the market.

Silky soft

Silky Soft

Soft as a cloud and providing maximum comfort.




The super power hidden in nature.

Have you ever wondered why you feel rejuvenated while being in a forest, next to a river or by the sea?

The answer lies in nature’s hidden secret, Anions, negatively charged molecules that silently shape our surroundings and maintain harmony in our internal environment. Scientifically proven to positively impact both body and mind, Bion sanitary pads embrace this natural balance with a specialized Anion strip.

Elevate your period experience with the power of nature. Explore the science behind this hidden superpower for a new dimension in menstrual hygiene.

Vegan product

Bion Day

At last, the thinnest pads with the most absorption are finally here! Bion Pads were created to cover all your needs and we promise that they will be your new favorite ally for the days with light or normal flow.

Seize the day with Bion Day Pads!
Vegan product

Bion Night

From now on, nights have the most peaceful sleep, thanks to the innovative technology that Bion Night Pads have.

Sleep tight with Bion Night.


Track your period

Οur period calculator is the easiest way to predict your next menstrual cycles and find out how many Bion Pads you will need

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